About us

IdeasUp is a Colombian initiative, with experience in developing projects both in Colombia and abroad. These challenges have shown that it is possible to transform the field of Colombian entrepreneurship and to be able to promote it at a global level of competition using cutting-edge technologies. Similarly, we know that in some cases companies do not have a clear vision of their process and therefore our primary objective is to provide companies with real advice and accompaniment at the time of wanting to execute a technical proposal for your company. We want to be the leading company of technical and technological support for startups in Colombia

Custom development

We give you what you really need

In a competitive scenario, we know that you need quick and effective measures to be able to apply them to your business idea, but in some cases you do not get the expected result. In IdeasUp, we concentrate on each of our clients in a specific way, in order to understand each and every one of their needs. In this way, we will take a concise process in order to have the result you expect.


Vanguard in Technology

We know that one of the constant uncertainties in a startup, is that technology can be more accommodating to your needs. In IdeasUp, not only look what you need, but also analyze the technology that fits your needs, so that you can enhance your company.

Global methodology

Experience in Colombia and the United States

We want your startup to be at the forefront anywhere in the world. This is why our extensive experience with companies in Colombia and the United States will drive you to achieve your goals using innovative methodologies that are using the big companies globally.


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